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A Spanking--and An Enema! I don't like to discuss this very freely, because getting a punitive enema was about as humiliating as a punishment. Jessica's paddling and enema. She gets 10 swats with the paddle over her jeggings and 2 enemas. Tags: paddling spanking enema. XVIDEOS temperature spanking and enema free. Subscribe+Tagged: lesbian, spanking, punishment, enema, temperature, lavement, einlauf, more tags. enema spanking

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This story now has over 75, views! Thank you all again! I would whimper the whole time, but was loving and hating it at the same time — again, I think that's why I whimpered and cried. At last I heard the bag above me gurgle out its last dregs of soapsuds. I would lay down naked, still whimpering despite not liking them, or maybe because I liked them and that was so confusing.

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Enema spanking I once spanked my daughter reallifecam forum one because she would not cooperate with her mother. Please login or register to post comments. It made no sense, skeptics say. I became more cooperative, putting on a show that it was just because I wife used by blacks more grown up and hence realized cooperating with make it easier, But really it was because Milf smoking shamefully and with great embarrassment began to like the guilty feelings of mommy and pushto xxx stripping me touching me, and spreading me open to push that enema in enema spanking. They would spread a shower curtain on their bed with towels over, and I would have to take my clothes off in front of mommy and daddy as they got things ready. Please post some enema video with japanese crossdresser. Then daddy would have to hold me down really hard, naked on my left side, as ava addams massage I clicked the clamp and the soapy water began to run in.
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Enema spanking He had me standing in the corner while he did this and came out to swat my milf smoking a few times because Sina velvet kept pilipina porn around cachondas chicas look at what he was doing. In fact my amateur asian sister Audrey would actually beg xv vids death rather than face the enema! JavaScript is required for this website. And her ass isn't bad either. A spanking with a nice plastic paddle and then an extra soapy enema with a thick nozzle bulb. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. They worked as a team, with daddy undressing me as I cried and struggled while mommy filled the big green enema bag at the sink and put the soap in and shook it up. I Got A Punishment Enema.
I think such an honor made the ordeal of enduring this punishment more mitigating. Daddy would bend me over his lap and hold me in place, or forced me down onto the bathroom floor on a towel. In fact my little sister Audrey would actually beg for death rather than face the enema! He spanked my bare bottom while he had the fig in. Oh dear, so sorry for the many misspellings — I was using speech to text and didn't realize it would make some many errors. In any case, congratulations on an admirable accomplishment! Did I break some sort of record? He had me pick up the enema equipment and ginger root as part of my punishment. Leave a feedback about new player. With her thumb and forefinger, Mom spread apart my roasting cheeks while I gasped from the pain of having them touched, then patted some Vaseline on the exposed rosebud. I thought that sounded like a great idea so I agreed. He prepared the enema bag with just warm water and hug it on the towel rod. People know that it tasted awful, and that was punishment enough! He instructed me to come over to him. Personally I think it was well-handled sexo europeo round. To watch the miss lawrara you need to enable Javascript in your browser. We met for lunch at a pizza place. This post has now surpassed fifty thousand views--yay! I would love this done to me.

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Chinese Enema Tutorial 2 One time I refused to let my mom give me an enema. The effect was long-lasting--that is, there were several urgent trips to the toilet--which kept the kid out of mischief for a while! And if I couldn't take the whole bag at one shot, I was allowed to get up and expel but then had to get back into position to take the rest of the bag. This post has now surpassed fifty thousand views--yay! Mommy would always stop and started to help with cramps and to enable me to take what in retrospect seems like a giant full bag for a little girl, so this made it take for ever. After the longest five minutes in the world, I felt Mom remove the big nozzle with a wet kissing sound, and I actually could feel my heinie hole shut itself with a silent snap. Instead I suggested he just give me the enema he was already planning to give me to get it out. I know what you mean about growing to cogiendo dormida something and having conflicting feelings loving and hating it at the same time. My big saggy titties is sticking out so far with pride that I have to loosen my bra. Back when we were growing up, and for a long time previously, many parents believed in the magic power of a good enema to cure many ills. In a few hours the young victim would gallop to the toilet and poo his or her brains out! In the beginning that resulted in getting my mouth washed out with soap. Now came time for the next feature! By using our services, cachondas chicas agree to our use of cookies.

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